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The meat and sausage market in Miami, FL is Meat Giant! For over 10 years we've served the area with delivery of the best beef, pork, seafood, prime rib, turkey, chicken and sausage.  We are also butchers that can deliver custom cuts of meat, making your next occasion extra special. Meat Giant does one thing and we do it well: meats. 

Meat Giant offers discounts on large quantity orders.  If your family is pretty much on a "chicken only" diet, you can save when you buy a large amount at one time.  For restaurants, you may want to consider this option and run a month-long special which could really be financially rewarding thanks to this quantity discount.

Since we are butchers, we'll custom cut meats for your special events, or for your restaurant's new recipes. Maybe you're having an informal wedding reception in your backyard and want to serve steaks of a particular thickness.  You convince your neighbor to volunteer his grilling service for the afternoon?  We'll cut steaks as you want them, perfect for the BBQ! 

If you're a restaurant, give us a call when you have an idea for a new dish.  We can butterfly cut chops or offer a unique "platter of protiens" to make for a distinct dining experience. Don't be afraid to challenge us with your creative ideas!

Besides taking all major credit cards, we also accept food stamps.  We're glad to deliver quality proteins to people who may be having a tough time and feel good that a delivery from Meat Giant will help alleviate hunger.

The meat shop in Miami, FL for meats, seafood and poultry are the giant in their industry, Meat Giant!

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